Best Things to do in Rwanda

Top 10 Best Things To Do in Rwanda

Rwanda is a small landlocked country gifted with beautiful scenery and varied ecosystems with an abundance of mountain gorillas, the prime tourist attraction, wildlife, and other things to do and see in her national parks. Rwanda surely offers many activities that you can do on a typical safari holiday ranging from gorilla tracking, camping trips at the lake and in the wilderness, the famous one and only Nyungwe Canopy walk, and of course the delicious and sumptuous local cuisine. Why don’t you find out from here the top q0 best things you can do on Visiting Rwanda for a short holiday tour.

No.1 Best Things to Do in Rwanda: Mountain Gorilla Tracking

It’s undoubtedly true that Rwanda is a country where gorilla tracking is thrilling and magical than any other country in Africa where you can find the enchanting gorillas. This makes gorilla tracking to be number one among the best things to do and see when you visit Rwanda. With not more than 900 mountain gorillas remaining in the world, it is estimated that about half of these are resident in the Virunga massifs shared by Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Though mountain gorilla tracking is a bit costly in Rwanda than any other country in Africa, it is the most preferred activity when considering the best things to do in the land of thousand hills. Besides, the activity of gorilla tracking also contributes to the protection and conservation of these endangered beauties and will be a great experience.

No.2 Best Things to Do in Rwanda: Kigali City Tour Experience

Kigali citySitting at the heart of Rwanda is her Capital Kigali, a vibrant and fast-growing city on the African Continent. With an epitomic mix of tradition and modernity, the city has a lot you can explore on a Kigali city tour. With markets, art galleries, hikes, and more, Kigali City becomes a second most preferred option on the best things to do in Rwanda on a safari holiday. From the epitome of amazing views and beautiful scenery, you can get a taste of history here by visiting the genocide memorials and learn about the turbulent past of the country.

No.3 Best Things to Do in Rwanda: Volcano Climbing & Hiking 

The fact that Rwanda is ‘a  land of Thousand Hills’, the country is a destined place to visit for hiking the volcanos. The dormant volcanic peaks of Bisoke, Sabinyo, Gahinga, Muhabura, and Karisimbi all create a stunning natural skyline in the Musanze region. Day hikes are easy to organize, as are multiple-day hikes that involve camping outside overnight before continuing on to the top the next morning. For a moderate morning trek, check out Mount Bisoke, an extinct volcano with a crater lake at the top that straddles Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

No.4 Top Things to Do in Rwanda: Biking Along the Congo Nile Trail

Stretching the majority of Rwanda’s Lake Kivu coastline, the Congo Nile Trail goes from Rubavu in the north to the Rusizi District in the south. The trail covers 141 miles (about 227 km) of some of Rwanda’s most spectacular landscapes. Hike or bike through the trail, stopping at tea plantations, coffee washing stations, lookout points, and cute guesthouses along the way.

No.5: Things to Do in Rwanda: Boat Kayaking & Sport Fishing at Lake Kivu

There is absolutely nothing like a sunset or sunrise in the middle of Lake Kivu. The water is still, the colors are breathtaking, and the fishermen have just begun to sing. While the lake is beautiful from land, experiencing it from water is unforgettable. Kingfisher Journeys offers kayaking trips all along the Kivu coast, ranging from afternoon excursions to multi-day adventures.

No.6 Go camping on the Twin Lakes of Lake Burera & Ruhondo

Nestled in the foothills of the Muhabura Volcano, the twin lakes are one of Rwanda’s hidden gems. Lake Ruhondo and Lake Burera’s light blue waters and surrounding hills make a stunning backdrop to any weekend trip. One of the most relaxing spots in the country, Lake Burera camping is an absolute pleasure.

No.7 Best Things to Do in Rwanda: Cultural Experience at Butare (Huye)

Butare (formerly known as Huye) is a cultural hub for the country and was once the most important city before 1965.  Here you will find a great national museum that will show the great history of Rwanda and also it’s an entrance into the modern world.  Visit the nearby Nyabisindu (Nyanza) where you can find the impressive royal palace of Rwanda’s feudal monarchy.

No.8: Enjoy a Taste of Rwanda Local Cuisine (Big Fish)

Giant grilled fish stuffed with onions and spices can be found all over the Nyamirambo neighborhood of Kigali. Nyamirambo, traditionally the city’s Muslim quarter, is one of Kigali’s most vibrant areas. Eating big fish with your hands is a rite of passage, and is one of the most delicious ways to dine in Rwanda. Check out Green Corner, KN 20 Avenue, Kigali, Rwanda for the best fish.

No.9: of the Top things to Do in Rwanda: Watch the enchanting Intore dancers

Present at most weddings and at the base of gorilla tracking, Intore—meaning dance of the heroes—is a beautiful and exciting artistic tradition unique to Rwanda. Intore dancers are skilled professionals, and the chance to watch their complex choreography and grace is a special experience.

No. 10: Visit Rwanda’s Coffee Washing Stations

Rwanda has recently developed a tourist industry surrounding its coffee and tea production. Visit the Kinunu Coffee Washing Station near the lakeside town of Gisenyi, and sample some of Rwanda’s best coffee while learning all about the process from the bean to the cup.

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